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Kirit Laxmichand Lapsia
Mr. Lapsia has been solely instrumental towards the growth of this company through the 1960s till today. He is the heart and soul of this Organization and he continues to be a source of inspiration to us.
Kiritbhai, as he is fondly known, is a great philanthropist & a supporter of innumerable causes.He is on the board of trustees of several charitable and religious organizations in Mumbai.
His vision and mentoring is our biggest asset.

Jayyannt Lapsiaa
Jayyannt Lapsiaa is the driving force behind U M Khona And Company. The vastness of his knowledge in the field of Customs coupled with his multi-tasking abilities has been the catalyst for the growing ship that U M Khona sails in.
He is the President of the All India Liquid Bulk Importers & Exporters Association (AILBIEA) & also is currently a Trustee of the Mumbai Port (third consecutive term).
Through AILBIEA & his trusteeship, he has raised several important issues for the benefit of the trade & has brought about wholesome changes in various tedious procedures, the fruits of which are being enjoyed by the trade.
Jayyannt has given several talks on Custom Procedures, Formalities, at various conferences & seminars & has been a speaker at certain Budget Analyzing Meetings as well.

Uday Kirit Lapsia
Uday has been with U M Khona for over 8 years. He has grown under the guidance of his father and uncle and today manages operations from our head office.
Besides client interactions, he also looks after business development at U M Khona.