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At U M Khona & Co., our workforce comprises the very pinnacle of skilled individuals of the industry and once you enter the organization you have opportunity to gain from the best. Simultaneously, we have always kept our family cohesion, including flat hierarchies and short lines of correspondence. As an employer, we provide our staff with everything they need for their vocations, for example the best opportunities to develop their skills and personality. But also with a great deal of freedom to realise their own ideas. This is important to us because we want to think long-term, act sustainably and enrich the future with logistics innovations. Even in digital times, trust, respect and responsibility remain the key to success for us. Our clearly defined company policy leaves no space for ambiguity, so as to encourage a seamless working environment

We're looking for talented individuals at all levels who can deliver the caliber of service our customers require. If you're ready to give us your best, let's talk.